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Adventure - Sophie Binet-Budelot (Tenor Horn), 2015

Sophie is probably one of the finest players on her uncommon instrument: the tenor horn. Since I met Sophie in the Burgundy Brass Band we talked a few times about a new work. She decides to commission a new concerto for her debut album! 

You can listen to her incredible playing with the fantastic support of the Brass Band Nord-Pas-de-Calais (former Hauts-de-France Brass Band), conducted by Luc Vertommen. There are also works by Peter Graham, John Golland's Sonata (with Junko Fukuda on piano), and a creation by Jérémy Chmielarz with Sophie Thévenard on Vibraphone.

East Road - Aksak Fanfar, 2016

For five years, before moving I played with the Balkan-Oriental group Aksak Fanfar. We played all around Europe including an amazing tour in Macedonia in 2014. 

The band doesn't exist anymore but I have some unforgettable memories!

You can listen on this CD, 16 songs and dances, from Balkan region, passing by Armenia to Maghreb.

Laurent Fléchier (clarinets, percussions), Paule Bonnet-Dumont, Hugo Mondière (clarinets),

Romaric Blanc (saxophone, flute, percussions), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (flugelhorn, tenor horn),

Agnès Moyencourt (recorder, percussions), Jean-Christophe Kibler (accordion),

Thibaud Hemard (tuba), Joseph Pariaud (voice, guitar, derbouka)

Guest: William Faye (banjo) 


la sido.jpeg

Pour Tout Bagages on a Vingt ans - La Sido, 2018

Label : La Roue Voilée

La Sido's debut album, a tribute album to Léo Férré and Boris Vian, led by Sidonie Dubosc with a jazz sextet. A refreshing vision of two masters of the French song, with the energy of young lions. 

Sidonie Dubosc (voice, arrangements), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet, flugelhorn, arrangements), Simon Hannouz (alto sax, arrangements), Brice Parizot (trombone), Clément Merienne (piano, arrangements), Jonathan Chamand (double bass, arrangements), Victor Prost (drums, arrangements)

Guest: Christophe Drigon (drums), Fanny Chamboredon & Pierre Lhenri (voices)

Alive - Sophie Binet Budelot, 2019

Second Sophie's album has more focus on small ensembles and chamber music. You can listen two pieces of mine: Mandala for Solo Tenor Horn, 3 female voices, cello, and bongos, and For the Future... for brass trio, with Sophie on Tenor Horn, David Maillot on Bass-Saxhorn...

and I play the Flugelhorn!

Also creations by Thibaut Bruniaux, Jérémy Chmielarz, Thierry Thibault,
...and Sophie herself!

"There is something deliciously off-kilter, other-worldly about the music - a bit like hearing the pop star Björk taking a fancy for writing for the tenor horn; her musical thought processes acting like individualistic tributaries that eventually mingle into a delta of comprehensive understanding. "

Iwan Fox, 4barsrest 


Dreamin' - Q-Some Big Band, 2020

Dreamin’ is the debut album of Q-Some Big Band and contains one hour of home-grown music: 10 sparkling new compositions by the Q-Some Composer Hub. There is great variation and at the same time a clear common line: there are no more boxes. These are musical painters swimming through many waters, skilfully playing and writing, with brush, painting knife and everything else they can get their hands on.

Artistic direction: Manten Van Gils, Lode Mertens
Compositions: Gabriele di Franco, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat, Manten Van Gils, Robbe Willems

Globetrotter Side B - Wil Key, 2021

Label : Larimar Records

A double-album collection of original songs recorded all over the world! This album is the follow up to the 2018 release - Globetrotter: Side A - which was also recorded in multiple countries. This outing, which is my 5th solo studio album to date, features 15 brand new songs and over 40 amazing musicians and artists from around the globe including legendary vocalist- Sy Smith, bassist Andrew Gouche (Prince, Chaka Khan), Bubby Lewis, Tori Ruffin (The Time) and Angie Swan (David Byrne of the Talking Heads) to name a few. I am excited to share this collection with you and it is absolutely my best work to date! I hope that it lifts and inspires you.

Come with us on a musical expedition around the world!!!

Pierre-Antoine features on the song "Alone Again"

Wil key.jpeg
blood dance.webp

Blood Dance - Bbung, 2022

Label : Tiny House Records

Bbung is a fresh "in-your-face" funk and jazz-oriented septet designed to blow your mind and body with nasty grooves that will make your feet and hips shake! 

Jérôme Castin (guitar, compositions), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet, flugelhorn), Joos Vandueren (tenor saxophone), Dylan Marey (piano, keys), Felix De Clerck (electric bass), Davy Palumbo (percussions), Thomas "Dims" Dimmers (drums)

You can listen the album on streaming plateforms!

Fly - Yo Hes Trio, 2022

Debut album of the French-American saxophonist with his trio, Basile Rahola on double bass and Oscar Georges on drums. One of the most creative saxophonists of the young generation, with compositions that show his incredible virtuosity and his full energy.

This album features the Belgian tenor Sylvain Debaisieux and the French trumpeter and flugelhornist Pierre-Antoine Savoyat, who contribute to bringing this music to another sphere. 

pochette .png

Counsolin' - Q-Some Big Band, 2023

The music has been written by the Q-Some Composer Hub, a team of four musical pen pals who seek and isolate, listen and write, judge and inspire, delete and eliminate, sweat and relax, balance and ponder…

Consoulin’ means fraternization, the act of putting together of the soul, and the soul’s thoughts, not only between composers, but with the whole band. Hence 9 pieces by 4 composers, each telling their own story, played by 18 passionate musicians.

Ed Partyka, the always kind, but equally strict master of his craft, read along thoroughly, assisted us beyond the call of duty and saw that it was good. It is no coincidence that the piece ‘Berlin’ won a prize at the Helsinki International Big Band Composing Contest.

Consoulin’ is the mature fruit of a band that has grown artistically in times of crisis and has become even closer, more intense and better.

aka moon quality of joy.jpg

Quality of Joy - Aka Moon, 2023

Label : Out Here Music

"The question of the quality of joy seems to me today to be increasingly vital — it is intrinsically linked to the way in which humour can find its full expression in a world that constantly limits access to lighter moods." Fabrizio Cassol

The secret of Aka Moon's longevity lies in their unceasing explorations of both melody and rhythm, and in the expansion of their knowledge and horizons through their encounters with musical cultures from all over the world.

The instrumental line-up includes a permanent base of harmonic instruments in addition to the trio of accordion, guitars, cello) as well as guests (trumpet, voice, brass ensemble) on some tracks.

Memories from a Winter Journey - Le Monde Merveilleux de Pépito, 2023

Debut's album of the quartet, debut's album as a leader for Pierre-Antoine Savoyat. An intimist album that brings you to one hour of unique singular musical journey. The quartet is augmented by an alto sax and a string quartet, which gives a sensitive result, and shows Pierre-Antoine's strong habilities of arranging. You can hear some influences from Ambrose Akinmusire, or Wayne Shorter... 

on an album dedicated to his mother



Le Monde Merveilleux de Pépito: Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (trumpet, flugelhorn), Simon Groppe (piano), Fil Caporali (bass), Oscar Georges (drums)

Featuring: Ambroos de Schepper (alto saxophone), Amèle Metlini (violin), Julien Gillain (violin), Coline Meulemans (viola), Sinouhé Gilot (cello)

Recording, Mix & Mastering: Vincent de Bast; 


Ephémère - Colline, 2023

Debut Ep of the Belgian singer, lyricist, composer and violist. Her songs in French talk about some life situations mostly in the view of women, with a great sense of humor! 

line-up: Colline (voice, guitar-viola, viola), François Meulemans (cello), Julien Gillain (piano, violin), Chloé Delvenne (harp), Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (flugelhorn, arrangements on "Ephemère" and "Lumière"), Audrey Dechèvre (percussions)

You can listen the album on streaming plateforms!

Imprints - Elsiris, 2023

Label : SONNA Records

With each song on the album, Elsiris leaves an imprint on its listener. Some compositions carry the name of a fictional character, who have their own layered personality that continues to evolve just like a human of flesh and blood. Do they remain a mystery or can they be fathomed over time? Other compositions embody a deep connection with nature, the feeling of being a part of something bigger, as well as a connection between people.

We had the privilege to have Diederik Wissels and Tsai-Wen Hui join us as guest musicians. Diederik Wissels’ electronic soundscapes adds an extra layer of depth to Helena II while vocalist Tsai-Wen Hui transforms Mathilde and lures you in the story with her voice.


Stéphane Galland & The Rhythm Hunters (2024)

Label : Challenge Records

Hunting for rhythm, as if our lives depended on it, as if, without rhythm, we’d starve to death. Can body and soul live without rhythm? Seizing its different forms, dissecting it, ingesting it, digesting it, could very well be akin to the Rhythm Hunters’ creative process. What are the rhythmic principles that lead us to develop its polyphonic, groovy and trance-like aspects (Africa), or mathematically complex ones (India), or irregular pulsations that transcend asperities (Balkans), among others? To go on a rhythm hunt, why not explore all these places, appreciate the infinite diversity of rhythms and, back home, try to understand and experiment with enriching your own rhythmic vocabulary with the basic principles underlying each musical tradition. What can these principles contribute if you transcend borders and begin to adapt your musical knowledge and experience to the new ramifications of the rhythm you’ve just discovered? The music of The Rhythm Hunters is one of the answers.

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