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Pierre-Antoine is also a confident composer for classical musicians. Most of his works are written for Brass Band, but he can write for every kind of instrumentation or context. His eclectism shows his strong versatility. 
This catalogue will not show his work for jazz ensemble (except if it can works on a classical context)

Brass Band 

Concertino Celtique, for Solo Flugelhorn (2013) 

Elegie et Furioso, for Solo Euphonium (2013)

La Patronne de Cascia (2013) Published by LA FABRIK' A NOTES (new Publishing next autumn)

Concerto for Tenor Horn (2014)

l’Éclat de Saint Cosme (2014)

Les Échos de Saint Cosme, with extra soloist and fanfare ad libitum (2017)

Amuse Bouche for Eb Tuba (2017)

Fanfare for the Union (2017) (also for Wind Band and Fanfare Band) Published by BVT MUSIC

Sinfonietta n°1 - The Tears of Gaïa (2018) never premiered

...Our Shame… (2018) never premiered

Sinfonietta n°2 - Quatre Impressions (2020) Published by BAND PRESS 

D’Or et de Noir (2022) 

Sinfonietta n°3 - Heritage (2023) (Wind Band orchestration soon) Published by ROBERT MARTIN

Sinfonietta n°4 - Adhyatmika Svatantrata new commission (2024)

Wind Band

Élégie aux Musiciens Inconnus (2013) (also for Brass Band and Fanfare Band) Published by BVT MUSIC

Suite aux Parfums d’Europe, for Solo Oboe (2015) (also for Wind Ensemble)

Ascension (2019) 

Farewell (2023) Winner of the 6th Angelo Inglese Competition for Band Composition

Chamber Music

In Memoriam (Maurice André), for 4 Flugelhorn (2012) 

Les Tourments d’Arianne, for Brass Quartet (2 Cornets, Tenor Horn, Euphonium) (2015)

Mandala, for Solo Tenor Horn, 3 female voices, Cello and Congas (2018)

For the Future, for Brass Trio (Flugelhorn, Tenor Horn, Euphonium) (2018)

My Vulnérability, for Jazz Trumpet and String Quartet (2019)

Looped Sonata, for Euphonium and Piano (2021) Published by BVT MUSIC


Inspirations Venezueliennes, for Flute Orchestra with Principal Alto Flute (2014)

Deux Pièce d’Enfance, for Percussion Ensemble and Piano (2017)

Concertino in Three, for Alto Saxophone and 11 instruments (2018) 

Music for Teenagers, for Tenor Saxophone, Wind Quintet, Percussion and Rock Band (2020) never premiered

People Suite, for Jazz Quintet with Principal Trumpet, Soprano, and 13 musicians (2020) 

My Blues for Them…, for Jazz Trumpet, 13 instruments, and samples (2021)

Les Elfes du Mordfeld, for Tuba Orchestra with narrator (2023)

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