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A life of music... 

From a music-lover family, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat blows his first notes on cornet at the Conservatoire de Villefranche-sur-Saône (France). Curious and passionate, he tries and dug a lot of different music styles (free improvisation, jazz, piano, trending music,...) during his teenage years. As a self-taught musician, he composes his first bars at only eight years old. After studying at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Chalon sur Saône, where he obtains a triple musical diploma in Jazz (Olivier Py, Fred Nardin...) Classical Trumpet (Eric Planté) and Orchestral Conducting, and he also follows Composition and Organ lessons.



Pierre-Antoine improves himself in the jazz department of the Koninklijke Conservatorium Brussel (Thomas Mayade, Jean-Paul Estievenart, Diederik Wissels, Stéphane Galland, Jeroen Van Herzeel...), where he got his Bachelor Degree with distinction and a Master Degree with Great Distinction (during his master he made an exchange-semester at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Switzerland, with Matthieu Michel and Emil Spanyi). He also follows some important masterclass for him, with Alexandra Grimal, Philippe Catherine, Steve Coleman, Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra...

On the Jazz and Improvisational scene, Pierre-Antoine is one of the rising musicians of Brussels. Leader of his own quartet Le Monde Merveilleux de Pépito (featuring Simon Groppe on piano, Fil Caporali on doublebass, and Oscar Georges on drums), he is regularly resident of the Sounds Jazz Club (with his band or as the artistic director of the club's big band). He is also a member of Bruteleiir Collectiif , the French quartet Sornette or Q-Some Big Band (where he also composed). He has also a duo with the German pianist Moritz Preisler. As an appreciated sideman, we can listen Pierre-Antoine in different projects like Stéphane Galland & the Rhythm Hunters, Elsiris, Orson Claeys 5tet, Joseph Bijon 5tet, and take part in the artistic process as an arranger for the French singer La Sido, or the Belgian Colline. He plays also with some other great names in the European scene: Aka Moon, Django Bates, Denis Badault, Franck Tortillier, Jesse Van Ruller, Gerry Hemingway, Gard Nilssen, John Ruocco... As a no border musician, Pierre-Antoine collaborate with groups from other styles: Aksak Fanfär (Balkan music), Boogie Belgique (electro), Napsis (pop)... and made an appearance on the album Globetrotter Side B, by the Californian singer Wil Key. 

Pierre-Antoine is also an very active composer, already well-known on the British Brass Band Scene, his Sinfonietta n°2 Quatre Impressions comissioned by the Hauts de France Brass Band conducted by Luc Vertommen was acclaimed at the European Brass Band Championship 2022 in Birmingham, and imposed as a test piece of the Belgian National Championship 2023. He also work with Brass Band Buizingen, the European Youth Brass Band (2016, conducted by Erik Janssen), the French Air Force and Space Brass Band, Sophie Binet-Budelot (solo Horn of Hauts de France Brass Band) or Christine Rolland (solo Euphonium of Paris Brass Band). But outside of this area, Pierre-Antoine work also for other formation like Wind Band (Isère Wind Orchestra conducted by Eric Villevière, Lyon Metropole Orchestra conducted by Yoann Combémorel...), symphonic orchestra (Victor Hugo's Young Orchestra of Besançon conducted by Jean-François Verdier). In 2022, Pierre-Antoine was a finalist of the European Composer Slam Competition, organized by Orchester Im Treppenhaus from Hannover, conducted by Thomas Posth.

Pierre-Antoine plays Van Laar Instruments: 

Bb Trumpet OIRAM Light III 
Flugelhorn BR1

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